Oct. 19, 2008

At this years Mid Ohio Con, I was fortunate to contribute a piece that will benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Here is your opportunity to help a great cause. This Black Cat piece measures 14x17 and done in copic markers. There are many great pieces associated with this auction and hope you give yourself an opportunity to own atleast one great piece of art and have the proceeds given to a great cause.


July 8, 2008

You all have to check out the latest issue of Sketch Magazine #35. In there I have written an article about my process of doing the ever so popular sketchcards. The reaction I've received so far from others is that it was well read and very informative. Also, some say the've enjoyed as to what goes on in my head :). So check it out peeps :)


April 10, 2007

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted on this page. Well, wait no longer. I will be posting some things that I can post. Hopefully soon I will be able show some Batman, Women of Marvel and some other things soon.

Don't know if many know that I'm teaching a comic book illustration class at my former college. I took over for Corroney who then, had taken over for Darryl Banks. Well, now the torch is passed to me and I am trying to kee it alive. I hear this every so often at my school that they threaten to cancel the class for whatever reason. But whatever reason that may be, I don't see it as a viable reason and for a discussion that can go on and on and on, I'll just say that the students that I have are some great students and I've discussed this topic with them about what may eventually happen and they didn't seem to like it as some would want to take the class every semester. It would just suck for them to cancel this class as I am writing a description for the class next fall along with some printed materials as well. I"m really excited with what I have planned for this class and I hope I get to fully develop the class into something much much better with the ideas that I have in mind. I'm crossing my fingers.

But anyways, some new images to appear this week, so check back. 'til then.


Oct. 29, 2007

I was at Packrat Comics this past weekend to help celebrate their Halloween festivities and their food drive. While I was there I did some sketching for some people and sold a few sketchbooks. I did about five sketches that day which came out ok. I don't think I had a great drawing day but I did get some decent ones out.There was just so much going on that day that it was a bit harder to concentrate on the job at hand than it normally is at conventions. But anyways, I had a great time there. The owners were and are awesome and I give them big props for their store and the great vibe that they have going on. Packrat Comics is what a store should be when looking for your favorite things. I definitely recommend them. Here is a Guy Gardner that I did at the store and you can see the rest of them in the convention sketches page. Oh, and thanks to Matt and Byron who are a part of my drawing class that showed up to give some support. It was much appreciated and thanks for the conversation.


October 13, 2007

Well, it's been a while since I've updated in this section. But this one is special because it's definitely for a good cause. Wonder Woman Day 2007 is a benefit and celebration for domestic violence shelters. More info can be found here where you'll see what's going on at both auctions in New Jersey and in Portland, Oregon. The piece I donated will be at the New Jersey auction and here you can find info placing your bid for such a good cause. Lots of good artists have donated their time for this.

February 16, 2007

Ahhhh, this brings back memories of my oil painting days. I'd like to get back into my oil paintings with my erotic/pinup work again. Click the image to enlarge


Jan.15, 2007

Well, it is another year and it has begun with me catching up on some online commissions, the book i'm working on called K9- Hunter Killerz. I'm roughly midway thru with the work where I'll be doing the graphics and interiors and such. We're planning on it being out later this spring. Another big this this year is that I'll be teaching at CCAD, the Columbus College of Art and Design. It'll be a class of character development and storytelling. It's something that I'm definitely looking forward to doing in helping others achieve their goals in life. I've had the opportunity to talk to some of the students who know I'll be teaching there when I've sat in on their classes and talked to a few of them at the MID-OHIO CON to get a feel for how I'm going to proceed this semester. So far this year is beginning to shape up like another busy one. Below is the cover piece that was illustrated by Ron Spears. I'll have more news and details coming soon.

Nov. 30, 2006

Here's a bit of info that I've been meaning to spread around. Back in the spring, I was asked to do some designs to the character and his group Bibleman. I re-designed the three main characters ( Bibleman, BibleGirl, Cyper) and also created a new member called Melody. The whole process was interesting in itself but I was pleased with what the outcome had been. Sure, if you know about costume designs, more often than not that the actual costumes themselves may take on changes that differ from the sketch designs. The films themselves have been released on DVD(atleast one of them anyways). But I will be posting some of the design work that I did for the costumes to be produced. This is pretty much my first costume designs done for filmwork which I am more than happy to acknowledge. You gotta start somewhere. So come back to check out the designs.


Nov. 29, 2006

I got a little surprise yesterday from the UPS man. I received a full box of the Avengers Sketchcards. I wasn't sure if I should open it or not, but I had to see just how the production of the cards were. I thought the packaging of them looked really good along with the individual packs as well. I've only opened a few so far and am curious as to which original sketchcard I received. I'll let you know.

Nov. 28, 2006

Well, another Mid-Ohio Con has come and gone. It was fairly a successful show but wish there was much more of a people turnout than it was. It's always great to see friends that you only see a few times a year. I shared a table with Nik Havert from PicklePress. Nik's a great guy and we shared a few laughs throughout the show. Also sat next to Jay Fife who is also a really good pinup artist as well. He and I may collaborate on piece in the near future. I've posted some new commissions performed at this years Mid Ohio that you can check here.

A satisfied customer who picked this baby up at the Mid Ohio Con.

Nov. 4,2006

Ok, well, it's been too long in between announcements I know. First I'll be attending the MidOhio Con this year Nov. 25-26th. I'll be there with my friend Nik Havert of Pickle Press. Nik's got some good books and after knowing him for a few years now, he's really into a good story being told.Nick has always got something going on.So come check us out this year. I'll be there with my latest book and prints and t-shirts as well along with doing commissions on site.There's some more news that I can't quite get into yet, but I will be making an announcement soon.


Oct. 13, 2006

Well, I've opened up a My Space account because of all the spamming that I was getting on my guestbook page. I was getting tired of all the spamming and having to delete messages were not related to my site or artwork. Plus, I wanted to be able to make it easier to interact with people. So feel free to contact me on the myspace account if you'd like to. And me as a friend :). Later


September 27, 2006

It's been a while since my last post and thought time to catch up here. Well, for one I finally finished the Avengers sketchcards that are due out in November. My final total for these was 356 cards. Eventually after they're released in the stores I will start posting them here a few at a time for those who are interested in checking them out if they're collectors and likes what they see. Now it's back to catching up with work I've had to put aside for a little bit and look towards future projects that are planned in the near future. Also, here is the latest production art piece of mine to see print in a magazine called "ODDFELLOW" with issue #3. It is a cover to a story titled Amerigo Jackson. It's a good read along with the other stories contained in the magazine. So hopefully you'll be able to check out a copy yourself. Here is the cover piece along with a more finished preliminary sketch


August 9, 2006

Okay, well the Chicago Comic Con has come and gone this past weekend. And I am happy to announce that I totally sold alot of merchandise along with doing some conventions sketches that I love doing. Although I must say that sketching on Friday was a bit of a struggle, but I more than made up for it on Sat and Sun. Alot of things sold well, especially my new Sketchbook for this year. It was an amazing 56 pages plus a back up story written by writer Ian Ascher. My latest line of tee shirts sold well with the new artwork. But the one thing that I was surprised by was that my prints which are 13x19 on a heavy stock sold without much of a sales pitch from me. The latest sketchbooks are available in the store section on my site while they last. They will be in a limited print run to make room for next years sketchbook venture. But anyways, I have these Avengers sketchcards to finish since I didn't work on them while I was in Chicago and the deadline is getting closer. I'm close to 1/2 way thru with a week left, so there won't be much enjoying the weather to get these things done. Also, I'll be posting photos from the Chicago Con later in the week along with some of the convention sketches that I worked on. Be sure to check those out.


July 20, 2006

Alrighty alrighty. Lots of big things are happening right now. For one, I'm getting ready for the Chicago Comic Con in a few weeks which is always a great time to be there. Another is that I've put together a new portfolio series of images. They're studies of models that I usually work from and I'm going to have them ready for the Chicago show. They're going to be in limited quantity, so be sure to stop by and ask about them. Also, another big announcement is that I am doing 300 sketchcards for the current Avengers project that is going on now. Here are the samples that I sent in to get the current gig for the sketchcards. This series of cards I believe are going to be so much better than any series I've done. The deadline is closing in so I'm sure I'll be working on them while I'm at the Chicago show along with doing commissions as well. Also, I'll have some new things from a current project that I'm working on as well so make sure to stop by to check them out.


June 26, 2006

Check out the Jange Fett from Star Wars. A commission I worked on. Click here!


June 23, 2006

I've added some early work of mine in the Gallery section that dealt with the fetish/leather aspect. This was the work that got me on my way in the world of Erotica art and I recieved quite a bit of work from it. So for those who may have not seen my early stuff (pre 2000) here is your chance. I learned alot from studying the way leather functions on the human body from doing these early works.


June 8, 2006

Okay, so I have to respect to one of my oldest brothers here on this page. He is one heckuva painter. We do totally different kinds of art but the love and passion is there for the both of us. He's my brother and a best friend. So check out his his site. http://bryantstudios.net/


June 5, 2006

So a few weeks ago after an appearance at the SPACE show I was in interviewed by Dan Shellenbarger of the Columbus Alive.. You can read the article here. But anyways, my appearance at the SPACE show went pretty well. Eventhough it was a much smaller show than what I usually attend, the turnout and the response that I received was very welcomed. I got to talk to a friend of mine Nik Havert and Paul from Picklepress. Also, another of my future appearances will be at the Wizard World Chicago Aug. 4th-6th.

Other mentions is that I am currently working on a "How To"video. It's pretty much a video I'm working on that has me working on a new piece from start to finish and the preparations and sketches that I go through to get to the finished product. I get quite a few questions in my attention as to how I do things. So I figured that this was probably one of the better ideas to do that on a more consistent basis for some who are interested in getting better at anatomy and for drawing some hot women out in the world. I hope to have this done pretty soon. So stay tuned.

Also, I've added some new 2 Catwoman pieces to the Convention sketches and also to the Salem Erotica page. Salem is a gem of mine that I'm trying to take my time with as writer/friend Ian Ascher can vouch for.


May 2, 2006

Well, it's been a while since my last update. I will be attending the one day show at Space this year held in my backyard of Columbus on the 13th of May. It's an independent show, so you'll be sure to see some of your favorite indie books and artists there. I'll be there with a few new things to display. If you have a few hours to spare that weekend, be sure to come down and say hello.http://www.backporchcomics.com/space.htm


March 11,2006

I've got the section for the new Bombshell comic that I worked on with Ian Ascher and Colette Nelson. So go the section and check it out and let me know what you think.

Feb.11, 2006

So I've been working on this book for the Arnold Classic and it's close to being done. I think next week I'll start posting some of the sketches I've been doing for the book. It's a 20 page book with 8 pages of art that I'm actually doing. The rest of the book will be of photographs of Colette Nelson. Besides doing all the art for it, I'll also will be doing all the graphics work for the book as well. We will only produce anywhere from 250 to 500 copies of the book. It will see it's premiere at the Arnold Classic March 3-5. So stay tuned


Jan. 22, 2006

I will and have started posting work I've done throughout my site of earlier work recently. Until I'm finished with some current work, I'll start posting them as well. I will be generating work just for the site as well that will only be on here. I'll also will be having more of my etched glassware updated as well. I'll also be extending the product line as well in the are of shot glasses and decanters which are going to be hot!. Oh well, so check back often to see what I've posted new. See u soon.


Dec. 27,2005

Wow! well, another year has come and gone and I'd have to say that it's been not too bad of a year. I want to wish all those for the emails for the Heavy Metal spread that I had recently and for those that I met at shows this year. I really do appreciate them all. It lets me know that I'm doing someting good and that I plan on keeping up the work if not better this coming year. So, I wish everyone a safe upcoming New Years. I'll have some new news coming soon. 'Til then.



Aphrodisa, Art of the Female Form is out in stores now. I was shown a copy of it this weekend. I have a piece featured in there along with some other really nice artwork. It's also a gorgeous looking book production wise. So, if you're a fan of the female form, I'd suggest to anyone to pick up a copy. To be in a book with one of my main idols Frank Frazetta is tremendous. I am totally excited about this. I just love it. Also I'll be posting some of the sketches I did this weekend as well in the convention sketches later this week. So stay tuned.


Nov. 21, 2005

Hey, everyone. I wanted to let everyone know that I will be at the Mid-Ohio con this year. Believe it or not, this is only my second time of being there as an artist displaying my works. I will be at the Digital Webbing table for the most part this weekend doing sketches, etc. So to anyone in attendance, stop by to say hello and bring copies of your Nov.issue of Heavy Metal and I'll sign it for ya'. Watch this space for more soon!


Oct.20, 2005

Uko gets interviewed!! I thought I'd post the cover to an interview book in Comic Artists Showcase #5 that I did. It was a pretty lengthy interview on my work and personal thoughts of what I do. I'll post portions of the interview here soon. The interview was done by Michael McClain.

Oct.17, 2005

I just added some new sketches in the Convention sketches section. So check them out!

Sept.29, 2005

Okay, so here is another new piece that I recently finished. This is of a tremendous female bodybuilder named Colette Nelson. This is just a preview of things to come with Colette and I will tell more about this at a later date. But anyways, Colette is a champion bodybuilder and I look forward to the project that I am working on with her and writer Ian Ascher.

Well, it's finally out!! The Nov.2005 issue of Heavy Metal where I'm featured in the Artist Gallery. I am amazed at what they did with the layout of my work. So when you get a chance to head for your nearest bookstore, I'd check it out! I'd have to give much thanks to none other than Kevin Eastman and ofcourse his lovley wife Julie Strain for this.
Julie Strains Nightmare on Pinup Street is just simply another gorgeous book. I have some work in here as well along with some other great artists. You'll find many many photographs of Julie Strain and also ones of those she's taken herself of models and friends. I love the fact that she autographed mine and others that I have from other publications. She's just simply awesome.
Jade magazine and Marquis magazine are just a few other magazines in which i've had more work published in.
Well, today is the 15th of Sept. and I am on my way to the Baltimore Comic Con show in Baltimore this weekend. I hope to see some old friends and new ones as always. If you're near the area stop by and say hello. I'll also will see a friend of mine Jen Chamberlin. This is also the piece that I did of Jen. She'll also will be in the DC area for some sort of Nutritional Health Food Show. So i'm gonna try and get some photos from both her show and the Baltimore Comic Con as well.
I have added some new photos that I took at the Wizard World in Chicago and at Echo Gallery where Kevin Eastman was great again this year. I had a chance to talk to him about a few things and about my upcoming issue in Heavy Metal next month. It was a fabulous weekend being with friends such as Veronika and Derek of Echo. Also being able to chat it up with friends Kelly Howlett, Ethan and Diane. Wizard World Chicago was another great show again and was able to sell sketchbooks, prints, etched glasses and originals.It looks like I will be attending the Baltimore Comic Con in Maryland next month, Sept. 17th and 18th. Maybe by then I'll have copies of Heavy Metal with me.
Aristata publication titled "Aphrodisia", due out in August. check your retailers for due date. I was pretty excited when i got the call to say that I was going to be in this book. I wish that I could've had all the ones that I submitted would've been in there. This looks to be a great book. I haven't received my copy of it yet, but when I do, I'll let you all know how great it is.
I have added my Marvel Sketchagraph Cards to this site and also my own personal sketchcards for purchase as well. Sketchcards will be done pre-made and by commissions.
I have added a new page of art to my site. Its mostly commercial illustrations that I've done for previous assignments. I'll be adding more as I go along with my site working to improve it

Digital Webbing Presents: Warmageddon Illustrated #1 Alternate cover due out in August www.digitalwebbing.com

Masters of Fantasy: Just Bettie Page: my illustration of the gorgeous Bettie Page is in there along with other artists with their rendition of the pinup icon

This here is another picture of Amber and her two lovely dogs. This is the second of two commissioned pieces from Amber. You should check out her site. Amber is in competitive bodybuilding/fitness arena. I met her at the Arnold Classic this year. I look forward to attending the upcoming show as well.
 Hurricane Relief Benefit Book with some great art in it for the price. Art by myself, Andy Smith, Jim Jemenez. This is a benefit book for the disaster relief for the hurricanes that bombarded the state of Florida last year. Considering as to what's happening now, it can be used for that benefit as well i'm sure. more information will be given as to where you can purchase online soon. The book was put together by Austin Janowsky